How’s a polyester pullet?

The initial stage of production is the transformation of plastic into the final granulate, which is directly directed to the production line.

The granulate goes to a machine called “Wolf”, the material is torn and goes to the next stage of production.

Product specification

What do we produce the filling from?

We are the precursors of ecological production of filling materials. We have the latest equipment using the latest technology of plastics recovery.

Taking into account the continuous growth of plastic production, we went against environmental pollution by producing a 100% recycled product.

What fills up?

The cut polyester material is used for the production of various types of nonwovens

Thanks to its consistency and the latest technology, it fulfills its role in 100%.

Is it ecological and safe?

Our product was created with ecology and safety in mind.

Plastics, we are able to produce something that each of us uses every day. Armchair, mattress and many other products.

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